1 inch suction dredge test
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Testing my 1" suction dredge.

It "worked" except it really doesn't move that much material per minute - I think I do better with a shovel.

Found two tiny specs of gold in the sluice-box however.

2HP Briggs & Stratton motor turns old electric pressure washer pump to produce a few hundred PSI for the venturi jet pump near end of suction hose.

Since the pressure water pump needs some pressure feeding it there was also a 70PSI diaphragm pump running off a 12v car booster starter pack..

The 12v pump gets hot and starts thermal cycling after 30 minutes or so.

Overall way too bulky to pack down to a stream, and doesn't work very well having to depend on that 12v pump.

I think I need to try something else.

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