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Northern lights in a jar. Or pretty close to it.
NOTE: For best results, watch at night in a dark room. Much better that way. (It was hard getting the exposure right without washing anything out.) Pictured here is a quart canning jar with a hole dr... by jesseg
Blown headgasket 1988 Nissan Stanza Wagon 2.0L
So my 1988 Nissan Stanza Wagon with 2.0 liter engine blew me a head gasket at about 244k miles. There did not seem to be any significant coolant loss or pollution, but there was some oil loss, but no ... by jesseg
Portable Mechanic's shop
by jesseg
(No description...) by jesseg
My alcohol stove attempt 3
Attempt 3 on a tin can alcohol stove. This time burning isopropyl alcohol, which normally burns a very sooty flame. by jesseg
AR.Drone video
Just a short demo of the AR.Drone 2.0 video as recorded to android tablet. by jesseg
What We Love About The Wingfeather Saga
by jebi
1 inch suction dredge test
Testing my 1" suction dredge. It "worked" except it really doesn't move that much material per minute - I think I do better with a shovel. Found two tiny specs of gold in the sluice-box however. 2HP B... by jesseg
DIY Pick and Place
Primitive pick and place system I built from an old Graphtec XY Pen Plotter. Vacuum pump is not as loud as the camera makes it sound. Vacuum lifts the tip. Rotation is done by moving head along a spri... by jesseg
Color show from LCD being pried apart
Had an old LCD so I tried to separate the layers. Unfortunately, the glass broke in the process, but lots of pretty colors were produced in the process. Sounds are rain pounding on tin roof, cat buggi... by jesseg
Serenade for C
Ended when memory card got full. by jesseg
A snail's tooth
As we all know, snails (as well as slugs) can quite easily chew up plants that are harder then they themselves are. How do they do this? They have a hard and sharp "tooth" if you will (Probably really... by jesseg
And Can It Be
And Can It Be, sung by Jesse, Jebi & Joe at Grandpa's house in Sequim, WA. by jebi
CNC V-Slot 1.5m square Plasma Cutter progress
Video survey of my CNC XYZ project. Rails are 1.5 meters for X and Y and 2.5 inches for Z. Actual distance moved is much less in X and Y, especially while I'm using 36 inch leadscrews. Lord willing, I... by jesseg
CNC Engraver test
Depth stop was not quite deep enough so some areas didn't get engraved. by jesseg
Plasma cutter project
2-13 stainless boltstock, and feedscrew nuts are HDPE plastic. Maybe not the toughest, but highly self lubricated. by jesseg
Brand new baby calf lets me pet it
This morning I was riding along the fence on my ATV to check for problems, and found that one of the cow's had just had a baby calf - who was almost still damp! The neat thing about calves when they a... by jesseg
V-Slot project started
and so far it's looking really neat. Shown is the Z and X axis. Y axis not yet built. I kind of cheated on the tensioning mechanism for the V slot rollers. Specifically, I didn't put in any ad... by jesseg
Pet Snake, on thermometer
The thermometer is double stick glued to the inside of the glass tank. The snake likes to climb up on the thermometer. by jesseg
CNC PCB Milling
This is an old CNC engraver which I updated to be controlled by my own PCB and perl script to run simple NC files. It is grinding out a simple prototyping PCB, which I drew on my very primitive CAD pr... by jesseg
Hummer in Sequim
Female Hummingbird in Sequim, WA. Near the end of the video the hummingbird is bonked by what looks like a bee (at least that's what i think it is). by jebi
Water cooled Royer induction heater
Previously, I showed an induction heater circuit I built. It worked well but was bulky and the heating coil tended to get hot since it was not water cooled. So I tried using litz wire but that didn't ... by jesseg
My first Phantom Quad flight
My Employer let me fly his new toy, a Phantom Quadrocopter, with an attached GoPro Hero Cam. Nothing fancy about the flight, just going up, moving around some to see how it felt. Very much fun. by jesseg
Slow motion bird flying from hand
This little swallow got in my house then forgot where the door was, so I had to catch him to release him! I used the slow motion setting on a small camera to capture the release. by jesseg
How to get sick cat out from under bed
My cat got in a fight with something - probably a raccoon - and had some serious infected puncture wounds. Since he thought he was going to die, he just went under the bed and stayed there. I had to ... by jesseg
Full Bridge Royer Oscillator Induction Heater
Operational demonstration and short description of the operation of my very simple full H-Bridge Royer oscillator which is driving an induction heating coil. It delivers a 10-12vac 200Khz voltage to t... by jesseg
Baseball Cap Camera Mount
4-20 bold and another spacer to clamp it against the end of the bill. I also taped a small laser pointer to the camera so I could see approximately where it was aiming. by jesseg
Oregon Solar Installation 2013
On July 4th, I went down to Oregon to install a crude sun-tracking solar panel system which I had designed and built. I had not done the sun tracking angles exactly correct, and as it turned out, in t... by jesseg
Glide Test of 16 foot wingspan glider
This is the first test of my new wings and new tail together. The wings are 16 feet long, and the fuselage is carbon fiber fishing rod tubes. It was very tailheavy because there was nothing at all sti... by jesseg
Ethan Powers Homemade Banjo - story and two songs
gear units, the strings, and the rawhide. When he says he "Took the headstock from.." he means that he copied the design from an existing instrument - but he carved it out of solid wood. He tel... by thepowersthatbe
MSR Dragonfly at night
by jesseg
Wind Generator in Sequim, Washington
A wind generator in Sequim, Washington, spins happily in the breeze, after sunset. It was by far more pretty before the sun set, but I didn't have my camera with me then. by jesseg
Waking up the cat
by jesseg
BORING - How to repair plumbing in third world countries
Don't waste your time. by jesseg
Pretty green, red, and gold click beetle
Found this beautiful creature crawling on the window. It looked to be a member of the click beetle family. If you know the specific type, please let me know with the "report this video" or "contact us... by jesseg
Port Angeles, WA, tries to blow up tower
The City of Port Angeles is clearing some land for a new business, but there's an old steel reinforced concrete smokestack. So they try to blow it up. At first, almost nothing happened. Then, nothing ... by jesseg
Turning Nylon in Lathe
Do you think I was turning too fast? Anyway, the nylon streams out and piles up neatly, then invariably gets sucked back into the mess and wound all up on the workpiece. Sorry about the camera shake -... by jesseg
Boring in acrylic with simple boring bit
Had to go carefully or acrylic would melt. by jesseg
This, That & The Other Thing - Official Trailer
A trailer of a short film we shot on our recent trip to Sequim, WA by jebi
My simple cad program
This is a screen capture video of my simple cad program in its current stage of development. Most of the menu items don't actually do anything yet, and there is currently no way to create items, but i... by jesseg
Rainy Day
A walk through the grounds on a rainy spring morning. The video is a bit shaky at times, sorry. by jebi
Solar panel sun tracker working
Finally, a sunny day that fell on a weekend day, thank the Lord! I was able to test my sun tracking solar panel array platform by rotating the sensor to trick the system into thinking that the sun wa... by jesseg
What Happened at 58th & Jon
....... by jebi
Ariel Intruder
Taking the 6981 LEGO Blacktron Aerial Intruder out for a stroll in the very merry month of May. Song: "His Hand in Mine" by jebi
The Chikaree
A jumpy Tamiasciurus Hudsonicus (a.k.a American Red Squirrel or Chikaree). It made a sweet noise as it was running away by jebi
30fps Stop-motion test with Lego
A video I made with my Canon digital camera and stop-motion animation at 30 fps. I recorded the sound later and added it to the video; the soundtrack is in stereo. by jebi
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
(No description...) by jebi
Rest Easy
Our submission to the Andrew Peterson "Rest Easy" video contest. We came in 2nd place! "This video made me happy because not only does the director, Jebi--who I think is also the main character in t... by jebi
Hallelujah chorus
Based on Messiah by George Frideric Handel in 1741. by donko
Home on the, umm, Range?
The Little Doggie Version by donko
It Is Better Farther On
These words are old but I'm not exactly sure how old. They were featured in the "Old Favorites" heading in the Dakota County Harald for September 3, 1909, on page 7. As we travel through the desert, ... by donko
Model airplane video from the air
This was taken using a cheap little flip video camera device, which was taped up in front of the wings, looking forward and down. by jesseg
Video feed from model airplane
The high pitch tone is the RPM indicator of the electric motor. That way I could keep tabs on my motor RPM. The low buzzing sound is the RC controller pulse so I can hear if the receiver is having tro... by jesseg
Hand launch of model airplane
This was a test flight after a crash. On the previous crash, some 2 inch wide tape running across the top surface of the right wing had come loose in the middle, but I did not know it. On the ground, ... by jesseg
Young Fidlers - Music at Sequim art walk, December 2012
by thepowersthatbe
Water from pipe
When it's done playing, click the valve and more water will come out! This water is gravity feed in a 1 inch pipe. The drop is about 34PSI worth and the open flow is about 6GPM. The pipe is 900 feet l... by jesseg
Cardboard Airplane
This is a model airplane built from cardboard and tape. It was outfitted with remote control and servos so it could be flown as an RC glider. It did fly but had a tendency to stall. by jesseg
Chicken Mites
These chicken mites are sealed in between two layers of clear plastic shipping tape. They are stuck slightly on top and bottom sides but still have room to move their legs but they cannot go anyplace.... by jesseg
This little orange and brown critter was living with a bunch of his pals in a seasonal pond. by jesseg
Model airplane landing into fence
This was my first scratch built foam model airplane. Pilot didn't see the fence coming. by jesseg
Terry Smith, Far Side Banks of Jordan
(No description...) by jesseg
Peacherine Rag - 3 mode bottle band
All three modes for a bottle - blown, struck, and decorked. by jesseg
Singing in Church
Us all singing in church - except I wasn't singing, I was playing the harmonica. by jesseg
Big kyte flying in the park
Fellow in my home town, flying a kite he built. by jesseg
Big Band
(No description...) by jesseg
World's youngest conductor
Amazing by jesseg
Buddy Green at C. Hall
The fellow holding the microphone is Bill Gaither. by jesseg

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