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jebi's Channel

Burglars unawares
A short film by jebi
Hiking Up Green Mountain
Hiking up Green Mountain with my two brothers and our friends. Near Bremerton, WA. Filmed entirely on the iPhone 7. by jebi
Summer Snow
Today on our walk, we saw what looked like snow, floating through the air. by jebi
Beyond the Sky
(No description...) by jebi
PNW Solution Drive
(No description...) by jebi
The Land of My Sojourn
(No description...) by jebi
What We Love About The Wingfeather Saga
by jebi
And Can It Be
And Can It Be, sung by Jesse, Jebi & Joe at Grandpa's house in Sequim, WA. by jebi
Hummer in Sequim
Female Hummingbird in Sequim, WA. Near the end of the video the hummingbird is bonked by what looks like a bee (at least that's what i think it is). by jebi
This, That & The Other Thing - Official Trailer
A trailer of a short film we shot on our recent trip to Sequim, WA by jebi
Rainy Day
A walk through the grounds on a rainy spring morning. The video is a bit shaky at times, sorry. by jebi
What Happened at 58th & Jon
....... by jebi
Ariel Intruder
Taking the 6981 LEGO Blacktron Aerial Intruder out for a stroll in the very merry month of May. Song: "His Hand in Mine" by jebi
The Chikaree
A jumpy Tamiasciurus Hudsonicus (a.k.a American Red Squirrel or Chikaree). It made a sweet noise as it was running away by jebi
30fps Stop-motion test with Lego
A video I made with my Canon digital camera and stop-motion animation at 30 fps. I recorded the sound later and added it to the video; the soundtrack is in stereo. by jebi
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
(No description...) by jebi
Rest Easy
Our submission to the Andrew Peterson "Rest Easy" video contest. We came in 2nd place! "This video made me happy because not only does the director, Jebi--who I think is also the main character in t... by jebi

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