DIY Electrochemical Machining Titanium
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My experiment to see if I could electro-chemically machine Titanium.

In case you don't know, drilling/milling titanium using purely mechanical means is significantly difficult because it's such a tough metal.

After several failed experiments, this is the best I got. Not great results but it worked.

I used very salty water for fluid and a 48V/1000W power supply for power, and a low pressure circulating pump for water flushing.

The process does create scale on the surface which protects it from erosion, so I think maybe more waterflow would increase surface quality of cut.

More current also makes it cut faster, but it takes more voltage to get more current.

I tried a 5V 300A power supply and that did not work.
I also tried 48V with no flush, and that did not work because the quantity of gas produced at the electrodes prevents much action.

The titanium was all corroded looking so I buffed it up on my wire wheel.

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